3 min readOct 23, 2022


Battle For TEN creates a new sub-industry in GameFi. Private Sale starting in October.

IOTEN Entertainment is happy to introduce a turn-based P2E game that will give a breath of fresh air to the Web3 space.

The best part for early adopters is that Battle For TEN Beta is now 100% playable!

Operating with the $BFT token, the entirety of Battle For TEN will run on BNB Chain. Via cooperation with Unity, Chainlink, Photon and others, Battle For TEN aims to bring an exciting gameplay experience.

These factors, along with the turn-based gameplay, could create a vast user base, and thus many potential buyers for Battle For TEN NFTs. Check out the trailer for Battle For TEN here.

Battle For TEN operates via dual currency

Dragon Eggs is the in-game currency of the game. Players can earn DEs through PvE by battling Igneel. Each win will drop some amount of DEs which can be used to purchase Equipments and Abilities to be used in the battles. Through different combinations players will strive to find the best Equipment and Abilities that would suit their champion of choice to secure their place in the Leaderboard and get the chance to participate in the Grand Tournament for exceptional prizes such as Tesla Model 3, MacBook Pro and etc.

$BFT token is both in-game currency and also the official token of the Battle For TEN. $BFT is a token on BNB Chain. Players will earn $BFT in accordance to the level of the champion they are playing with. The higher the level of the champion, the more $BFT they can earn on daily basis. At any time, players can decide to transfer the acquired $BFT to their Web3 Wallet to sell for profit or stake on DApp for maximum gains.

$BFT Utility

Acquiring the champions is not the only way players can use $BFT tokens. Players can try their luck by opening chests which will be using Chainlink’s VRF function to drop a random champion. During the expansions, these specific chests will be the first place where the new champions will be dropped at. These lucky players will in turn have more time to test the new champions and appropriate builds which can give them an advantage in the Grand Tournaments.

$BFT Betting

Through the leader board players can challenge others to the betting game in which they decide on the amount of $BFT tokens they would like to bet. If the challenge is accepted, the game starts which will decide the new owner of the overall tokens in the Betting Pool.


4% of the Overall Supply of $BFT is allocated for the Airdrop which will happen over an extended period of time. The first one being the Airdrop for the holders of $IOTN token. Holders who have more than 3 000 000 $IOTN tokens are eligible for the overall Airdrop in the amount of 100 000 000 $BFT tokens.

Upcoming Private Sale

Battle For TEN will be holding a $BFT Private Sale and IDO rounds starting in mid-October. Participating in the first round of Private Sales entitles you to a 15% price advantage compared to the token launch price, an extra incentive for early adopters.